Funedu is an entertainment viral website. Funedu is equipped with exciting contents types like listicles, articles, polls, videos, images, trivia and personality quizzes.

Funedu is a platform where its users can be updated about the entertainment world, the platform provides it’s own form of entertainment by allowing users to paticipate in polls and quizzes and the users are also enabled to create their own contents. Users can create their own listicles, articles, polls, videos, images, trivia and personality quizzes in a few easy  and quick steps.


With the aim and need for a modern and unique design, funedu bags alot of exciting and unique features you probably never heard of.

Designs and layouts

Funedu implements a simple and yet sophisticated design system, we created a user interface that makes it easy for you to move around the platform even with all the sophisticated functions.

More than just reading

Unlike other blogs, funedu doesn’t just allow you read posts, instead we keep you engaged with other amazing contents, like polls and quizzes. So when you’ve gotten all the update you looking for, you still have other options to kill boredom.

Reward System

I bet you’ve never heard of anything like this, but funedu rewards you with points for almost everything you do on the site, unlike other platforms, you don’t need to perform heavy tasks, we reward you for very simple regular tasks, reading this page alone earns you a point if you’re a registered user, you can also earn more points by performing other activites like creating, reading or sharing a post, referring a visitor gives you points, while referring a visitor who signs up give you more points. You must own an account on funedu and be logged in for you to earn points while performing those activities. More info on points allocation will be discussed later in this page.

You’re an author!

Yes, you read it right, you can write your own posts on funedu for free, if you’ve always wanted a platform where you can post stuffs for people to see and hear your voice, then Funedu’s got you, the platform enables user to write their own post. The requirement for this feature is just to own an account, then you can create as much post types as you want.


Creative contests

As it’s our vision to make Funedu the most engaging platform for ALL, we introduce an amazing contest of creativity, every day you get the chance to win the Image, video, and/or list of tomorrow title.

This means that, when you emerge the winner, your posts gets featured in our Fun Category, and you also get to win huge points, now selection is not based on your post views, comments or share, it’s just about the quality. It also increases your reputation in the platform which leads to you getting quick post publishing.

As at now we’re working on more features, some of which are ready but hasn’t been release yet, this list would be updated whenever any development comes in.

Points allocation

  • Daily login – 10points (5points per login) you get 10points when you login twice
  • Registration – 50points you get 50points after your registration
  • Anniversary – 1000points for being a member for a year
  • Comments – 2points you earn 2points per comment per post, you can earn as much as possible
  • Referrals – 5points per visitor – 100points per signup get referral link from your profile
  • Submitting posts – 110points points are granted when posts have been published
  • First time post – 100points you get points when posting for the first time
  • Your post view – 1point you earn points when people view your posts
  • Image of tomorrow40points you earn points when you win the Image of tomorrow title
  • Video of tomorrow40points you earn points when you win the Video of tomorrow title
  • Lists of tomorrow – 40points you earn points when you win the Lists of tomorrow title
  • Every 1000views – 200points you earn 100points when your posts reach 1000views
  • Trending posts10points when your posts get 10views or more under 24hrs, it’s regarded as Trending
  • Hot Posts  – 50points when your posts get 50views or more in 7 days, it’s regarded as Hot
  • Popular post100points when your posts get 100views or more in 30days, it’s regarded as Popular
  • Sharing Posts5points you earn 5points when you share a post.

Points and conditions for earning points might be alterd at anytime, it’s recommended you always check this place for updated points allocations.

You may or may not receive a notification whenever you earn points, but it can be verified via your profile dashboard when you’d see all your activities and points logs. You can report any miscalculations or error regarding your points to info@funedu.com.ng

What are points?

The points allocation is a scheme we use to reward our users for using our site, points are used as ranks among users and shows reputation, the amount of your points is directly proportional to how active you’ve been on the platform and one wonderful and another amazing benefit is that users can convert their points to airtime on their preferred network or get CASH directly to their bank.

As at now 1000points is equivalent to 500naira airtime, you can only request airtime in multiples of 500naira

Also 50,000points is equivalent to 5,000naira CASH, you can only request cash in multiples of 5,000


How to exchange points

  • Visit the exchange page
  • use “reward” as your recipient(do not include the quotes”””)
  • enter the amount you want to exchange
  • for airtime, the amount should be a multiple of 1000points, eg transfter 2000points to get 1000naira airtime
  • for cash, it the amount should be a multiple of 50000points eg transfer 50000points to get 5000naira cash
  • Points will be deducted immediately and it’s would take around 24hrs to credit your account with airtime or cash

The Funedu platform was started with the aim of becoming Nigeria’s no.1 viral  entertainment website, where user’s creativities can be appreciated, thus the entire development team is always working hard round to clock to keep this platform stable and secured at all times.

Always check back on this about page for new information, you randomly get points for visiting this page too.

For complaints, requests and feedbacks please send an email to info@funedu.com.ng and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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